Healthcare Infrastructure Management Systems

Doctor’s prescribe medication….we prescribe software!

We Bring the “Corporate infrastructure” to the “Private Practice”

-Sun-Je Pearlman

Founder & CEO, Dr. Automate

Small Private Practices

(1-3 Doctors)

Pain Management, Primary Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Urgent Care Centers, Dermatologists, Podiatrists.


Large Private Practices

(4+ Doctors & Multiple Locations)

Pain Management, Primary Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Urgent Care Centers, Dermatologists, Podiatrists.

1. Evaluate

Lets, chat about your particular business, operational, financial, or technology challenges you are experiencing.

2. Diagnose

We will diagnose the root of the issue, and clearly outline the software, and what are the specific requirements for a plausible solution.


3. Prescribe

We then Research, analyze, and compare our hundreds of solutions partner software’s & service’s to see what best fits your requirements. If we don’t have a solution already in our network, we will develop new ones just for your practice.

4. Administer & Dispense

What good is a software or service if no one is there to help you implement, migrate, and train your team on the new systems, processes & protocols! Additionally, who is going to integrate your other systems? Well that’s where we come in! We’ll handle the process from start to finish!

"Our Doctors are taking care of our society…but who is taking care of our doctors?"

– Sun-Je Pearlman, CEO

We know that the healthcare industry keeps private practice physician owners on their toes. The new technologies, protocols, and the overall amount of work seems to be ever increasing,  but insurance reimbursements seem to be ever decreasing! It is often hard to find the energy to implement and manage your current systems, let alone implement new ones. This stress typically leads to burnout with our Physicians and their staff, but Unfortunately, This matter is rarely spoken about or addressed.

Dr. Automate has a team of management professionals who have worked inside private practices just like yours, and we understand the stress, frustrations, and burdens, that your practice experiences. Therefore our practice management experts, data scientists, and software developers have a passion for solving these problems and have done years of Research & Systems development to put together turn-key processes, software & technologies, to bring the “corporate infrastructure” to the “private practice,” through automated management.

We work with your practice to alleviate some of these burdens,  increase your efficiencies, increase profitability, and increase patient care while decreasing your compliance risks. We achieve this by rolling up our sleeves and delving into your current workflows, systems, technology & data to identify and explore practical ways to integrate & automate your current systems, programs, and services or help you implement the complete infrastructure to add new ones.

  • If we find something missing, we will find and implement a solution, or create it from scratch!
  • If we can manage some or all of these new processes…we will!
  • If your staff must be involved, as required by law or otherwise…don’t worry, we will train them!

We are on your team!


Physician Dispensing

Operations Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Financial Infrastucture

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